The WaveTrader.gr is a website monitoring and recording the estimates/projections on global financial markets. In the early stages of the reopening of the deal mainly with the Greek and (occasionally with) the Cypriot market as these two markets located at length to long term trend estimated bear that will give opportunities for large capital gains log in the future, when you recover.

In WaveTrader.gr watching the course of key Indices and financial products (Shares, exchange traded funds, foreign exchange, commodities and Bonds) in the main horizons, i.e.:

Mega-long, Long, medium and short term!

This period (Spring 2020) the iWaveTrader.gr and redraws the contents of filled gradually with both instructional articles and analyses with a view to the full version and operation, to turn into a pay site (for a small monthly subscription, depending on access level) analysis of markets, but also an exchange of views between investors and traders.

Our vision is to provide our members the skills and knowledge to obtain financial freedom through involvement with purchases!

During the trial period, the tour at subscription sections will be free to key members of  WaveTrader.gr (Basic (free) Assistance.)

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