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Trading with Bollinger Bands using confirmation from RSI

How to Trade Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands

Bollinger Bands are envelopes which surround the price bars on a chart. Bollinger Bands are plotted two standard deviations away from a simple short-term moving average. This is the primary difference between Bollinger Bands and envelopes. Envelopes are plotted a fixed percentage above and below a moving average. Because standard deviation is a measure of volatility, the Bollinger Bands adjust themselves to the market conditions.

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Τεχνική εντοπισμού αγοραστικων η πωλητικων ευκαιριών!

How to spot trade opportunities watching live market tape…

Ελέγχουμε τις συναλλαγές ανά tick:

1. Ότι κινήσεις γίνονται στο ASK (τιμή που ζητά ο πωλητής σημαίνει επιθετικές αγορές, ότι γίνεται στο BID (τιμή που προσφέρει ο αγοραστής) σημαίνει επιθετικές πωλήσεις.

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Technical Analysis Explained

How to Trade the ADX/ADXR indicator

  • The ADX indicator consists of 3 components.
  • The +DI line – shown on green color.
  • The -DI line – shown on red color.
  • The ADX line – shown in grey color.
  • The +DI and -DI lines give buy and sell signals and the ADX line shows the trend strength.

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